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VIETOR, s.r.o. – Express international transport

In connection with the COVID-19 disease we would like to assure you that we act quickly and resolutely in order to continue to provide our services, maintain operations and protect our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate.

We take our responsibilities as an employer, business partner and essential services provider very seriously. We know that if we are unable to deliver your shipment safely, it will affect not only our customers but many others as well, and we are fulfilling our commitment to keep our business flowing in a secure work environment. For this reason, we will continue to maintain our high safety standards, adopt preventive measures and follow the procedures recommended by the World Health Organization, the Government of the Slovak Republic, local governments, as well as company policies.

Security measures we adopted to safeguard you, our drivers and our employees against the COVID-19 disease:
  • We regularly disinfect the work surfaces and equipment in the workplace
  • We regularly disinfect vehicles
  • We have increased the intensity of contactless payments
  • Drivers are provided with the necessary forms for safe border crossing
  • We have introduced an obligation for drivers to wear a face mask everywhere outside the truck
  • In areas where there is a high concentration of people, we use disposable gloves and alcohol-based disinfection
However, the situation with COVID-19 is very dynamic and, despite our regular monitoring of traffic restrictions in Europe, some of our transports may be affected by ever-changing conditions, especially at border crossings.

We are fast and reliable and can offer our services for a lower price. However, in almost all cases, it’s a combination of two of the following three options. We’d be pleased to hear what’s important to you.
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