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VIETOR, s.r.o. – Express international transport
Communication with the customer

Price offer
Confirmation of the price offer by the customer
Acceptance of an order
Confirmation of an order
Communication of the forwarder with the driver

Contacting the driver
Specification of time and address of loading
Driver starting to loading

Arrival to loading in shortest possible time
Loading the goods
Consultation of amount of loaded goods with the customer
Departure from loading

Customers receive regular information during transport via SMS
(or the customer can directly monitor a shipment using the Online GPS monitoring service).

Arrival to unloading in shortest possible time
Informing the customer about unloading the goods

Unloading of goods
Informing customer on consignment


We are fast and reliable and can offer our services for a lower price. However, in almost all cases, it’s a combination of two of the following three options. We’d be pleased to hear what’s important to you.
Questionnaire Speed and reliability (price not important) 35 %
Questionnaire Speed and price (reliability not important) 34 %
Questionnaire Price and reliability (speed not important) 31 %
(number of participating: 3 143)

As our customer, is it essential to you that we use Mercedes Sprinter vehicles?
Questionnaire yes, it is essential 55 %
Questionnaire no, it is not important 45 %
(number of participating: 11 377)