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VIETOR, s.r.o. – Express international transport

What they say about us...

"We have realised more than 485 transports with the VIETOR, s.r.o. company during the 16 years of our cooperation and I must say that during this whole time, any problem that has occurred has always been solved by Mr Körner. I must add that 96% of the transports were of express/urgent character.
The approach, reliability and ability to solve difficult situations plus problems put this company among the very few Top-companies, which we can really rely on.
Although their prices are of the higher range, it is definitely worth the “the peaceful sleep” I have thanks to them.
I can recommend everybody to try them."

Jozef Poništ (DeutschMann Ltd., 19/02/2018)

"We have already been cooperating with the company VIETOR, s.r.o. for several years. Our cooperation is based on a professional approach, mutual trust and quality. We very much appreciate their flexibility, promptness and helpfulness when solving the problems. Their slogan: “quality, speed, punctuality” gives a true picture of the services they provide. We believe, that our cooperation will successfully continue in the future."

Ing. Jaroslav Radena (DKI Plast, s.r.o., 10/03/2009)

"We have been cooperating with the company VIETOR, s.r.o. for several years already. Their approach and professional attitude definitely rate them among the TOP transportation companies that we have so-far cooperated with, to deliver our goods to customers. During the whole period of our cooperation, we have not once had to solve any kind of problem. I can sincerely say, that I am looking forward to our future cooperation. And this is definitely not meant as a courtesy phrase at the end of a business letter, while its content says something else."

Ing. Tomáš Prekop (Continental Matador Truck Tires, s.r.o., 18/03/2009)


We are fast and reliable and can offer our services for a lower price. However, in almost all cases, it’s a combination of two of the following three options. We’d be pleased to hear what’s important to you.
Questionnaire Speed and reliability (price not important) 36 %
Questionnaire Speed and price (reliability not important) 33 %
Questionnaire Price and reliability (speed not important) 31 %
(number of participating: 2 933)

As our customer, is it essential to you that we use Mercedes Sprinter vehicles?
Questionnaire yes, it is essential 55 %
Questionnaire no, it is not important 45 %
(number of participating: 11 203)