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VIETOR, s.r.o. – Express international transport
Our commitment to the environment is reflected in everything we do.

VIETOR, s.r.o. is committed to minimising its environmental impact. We guarantee the quality of our fleet by only including new vehicles, which are regularly inspected exclusively in authorised service workshops. In this way, all of the spare parts and essential fluids we use are recycled.

To reduce our carbon footprint, it is important that we plan our transport journeys carefully so that vehicles are not driven inefficiently on long routes or empty. VIETOR, s.r.o. reduces the environmental impact of its business by smartly utilising its transport capacity, upgrading its fleet and transport equipment, as well as its operating premises.

Our company’s environmental policy priorities include:

  • complying with regulations, orders and requirements arising from environmental legislation;
  • making a lasting contribution to clean air by minimising vehicle emissions, i.e. operating vehicles that comply with the EURO 6 engine standard or newer;
  • integrating our business objectives with environmental objectives to eliminate negative environmental impact;
  • minimising the volume of waste by sorting it;
  • assessing and addressing the environmental impact of our activities and products and implementing measures to prevent pollution and promote environmental protection.
All investment decisions are assessed in terms of potential environmental impact.

The trend of electrification in freight transport is unstoppable. The transition to electric vehicles is approaching fast, presenting new, complex challenges. Our plan is to become CO2 neutral by 2045 and reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030.

We are aware that, despite our best efforts, our operations are a burden on the environment. By applying and strictly adhering to the principles of environmental policy, we strive to achieve our goal in this area – to be as gentle to the environment and natural resources as possible.

In cooperation with the Centre for Advanced Materials Application of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, we participated in the International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition 2022 in Oslo, Norway


We are fast and reliable and can offer our services for a lower price. However, in almost all cases, it’s a combination of two of the following three options. We’d be pleased to hear what’s important to you.
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