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VIETOR, s.r.o. – Express international transport


A satisfied customer is a guarantee of a company’s prosperity.
A prosperous company is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.
A satisfied and active employee is a guarantee of customer satisfaction.


To provide, to the widest possible range of customers, highly professional, specialised, and reliable products in the field of “International, road and freight transport utilising vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, including trailers”, as well as to provide social benefits to the company’s employees and their families.

Quality Policy:

Follow new trends and make progress in step with the developing market so that our company is at all times able to meet our customers’ expectations regarding quality, services, and deliveries.

Discover our customers’ needs by communicating with them, and set us apart from our competitors by reacting flexibly to customer requirements and thus keeping their confidence.

Achieve continuous improvement of the company’s management by means of documenting procedures for all activities performed in the company, and maintaining records regarding poor quality and costs related thereto.

Create a motivational environment for our employees and, through fair remuneration, motivate all employees to excel at work when satisfying customers’ needs.

Continuously foster the professional growth of the company’s employees by setting aside necessary resources for appropriate educational and training programmes.

Create conditions and set aside resources for quality work realisation, and renew the company’s material equipment when necessary in order to best execute received commissions.

Build on the established customer and supplier network, and endeavour to maintain long-term, beneficial and mutually profitable relations based on mutual confidence.

Create conditions for the proper operation of the quality management system established under ISO 9001:2015 standards, while regularly evaluating its effectiveness, and continuously improving QMS through a constant monitoring of processes and adoption of measures.


We are fast and reliable and can offer our services for a lower price. However, in almost all cases, it’s a combination of two of the following three options. We’d be pleased to hear what’s important to you.
Questionnaire Speed and reliability (price not important) 35 %
Questionnaire Speed and price (reliability not important) 34 %
Questionnaire Price and reliability (speed not important) 31 %
(number of participating: 3 143)

As our customer, is it essential to you that we use Mercedes Sprinter vehicles?
Questionnaire yes, it is essential 55 %
Questionnaire no, it is not important 45 %
(number of participating: 11 378)